IDWeek 2013: Monitoring Every 6 Months Is Adequate For People with Stable HIV Suppression

People with HIV who have their viral load and CD4 T-cell count monitored every 6 months were no more likely to experience virological failure or to change their antiretroviral regimens than those monitored every 4 months, researchers reported at the Second IDWeek meeting last week in San Francisco.


AIDS Vaccine Conference Kicks Off as Another Study Reports Disappointing Results

More than 1000 researchers and advocates are convening in Barcelona this week to discuss the latest developments in HIV vaccine research. But study findings published yesterday to coincide with the meeting show that one vaccine candidate thought to be promising -- the DNA/rAd5 prime-boost combination -- offered no protection in the 2500-person NVTN 505 study.alt

AIDS Policy Project Declares October 5 First HIV/AIDS Cure Day

The AIDS Policy Project has declared Saturday, October 5, 2013, to be the first annual AIDS Cure Day, an opportunity to celebrate recent advances and recognize the researchers and people with HIV who have made them happen. Kate Krauss, APP Executive Director, shares her thoughts on progress made to date and what is needed to move forward.


IDWeek 2013: Does Efavirenz Use Raise the Risk of Suicide Among People with HIV?

Suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, and death by suicide were more than twice as common among people with HIV who started treatment with efavirenz, but the overall risk was quite low, according to a combined analysis of 4 ACTG trials with more than 5000 participants presented at the Second IDWeek meeting last week in San Francisco.


IDWeek 2013: Studies Look at Community vs Hospital-based HIV Care and Medication Issues

HIV positive people treated at community clinics were more likely to continue receiving care, while those treated at hospital clinics were more likely to maintain undetectable viral load, researchers reported at IDWeek 2013 this week in San Francisco. Other studies found that people with HIV often take many drugs for various conditions and a multidisciplinary team of experts can help prevent medication errors.


IDWeek 2013: People with HIV Have Higher Risk of Death after Myocardial Infarction

People with HIV had higher mortality than HIV negative individuals of the same age after hospitalization for acute coronary syndrome, but the excess risk disappeared for people on antiretroviral therapy (ART) with high CD4 T-cell counts, researchers reported last week at the Second IDWeek conference in San Francisco.


San Francisco Forum Discusses Progress Towards a Cure for HIV

Experts discussed the latest news on HIV cure research at a well-attended town hall forum in San Francisco on October 1, covering approaches including "shock and kill," allogeneic and autologous stem cell transplantation, and gene therapy to protect cells from infection.