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Advocates Urge Consideration of Hepatitis C Treatment for Active Injection Drug Users

Advocates with the Treatment Action group (TAG) have successfully urged hepatology experts to change hepatitis C management guidelines to eliminate a recommendation that substance users should be abstinent from drugs or alcohol for 6 months before they are eligible for treatment.

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Active Injection Drug Use Does Not Impair Sustained Response to Hepatitis C Treatment in Adherent Patients

In the July 10 advance online edition of the Journal of Viral Hepatitis, Philip Bruggmann from the Association for Risk Reduction in the Use of Drugs in Zurich, Switzerland and colleagues reported results from a study of hepatitis C treatment in active drug users. As background, the authors noted that the medical literature provides no evidence for an unequivocal treatment deferral of active IDUs.Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is common among injection drug users (IDUs) since the virus is readily transmitted through shared needles and other drug use equipment.

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