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AIDS 2014: Female Condoms for HIV Prevention [VIDEO]


While biomedical HIV prevention was a key theme of the recent 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, other approaches remain important including wider access to internal or female condoms. Designed to be worn inside the body, female condoms can give women more control in protecting themselves against HIV.

At the conference Joy Lynn Alegarbes with the UNAIDS/UNFPA Condomize Campaign demonstrated how to use a female condom, while Marie Christine Siemerink of the Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint Programme explained why wider access is important.

Joy Lynn Alegarbes, Condomize Campaign, July 23, 2014


Marie Christine Siemerink, Universal Access to Female Condoms, July 23, 2014

"New models [of female condoms] have been developed over the years and there's more choice and variety," Siemerink said. "We're trying to get the price down and get access up -- we believe everyone should be able to use female condoms."



20th International AIDS Conference. Melbourne, July 20-25 2014.